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Rental homes in the area

7401 Westgate Dr ,
Citrus Heights 95610
3 BR 2 BA
103 Sedgeford Way ,
Folsom 95630
3 BR 2 BA
3712 Milton Way ,
North Highlands 95660
3 BR 2 BA
3550 Larchmont Square Ln ,
Sacramento 95821
3 BR 1.5 BA
1019 Dornajo Way #219,
Sacramento 95825
2 BR 2 BA
7120 Indian Ln ,
Sacramento 95822
4 BR 2.5 BA

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encompassing the neighborhoods and developments of

Almond View Estates, Chacon Acres, Champion Hills, Crossways, Deodora Estates, Fairvale Park, Folsom Junction, Forest Creek, Kenneth Meadows, Madison Oaks, Orangevale, Orangevale Colony, Pumpkin Pastures, Rancho Prospero, Rollingwood, Rollingwood Commons, Summerhill, Sundance, Sunrise Woods, Wade Heights, Woodlake Hills

Local data
Area (sqmi):10.78
People / sqmi: 2975

Institutions and employers:

Points of interest: Orangevale Library

Parks: Indian Stone Corral, Orangevale Park, Pecan Park, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Snipes Pershing Park Coleman School Park, Orangevale Youth Center Park, Orangevale Coummunity Center, Palisades Park, Sundance Park, Almond Park

Entertainment and sports:

Shopping: Cable Park Center



School info

Compass Rose7524 Mountain Avenue, Orangevale 95662(916) 989-12391-12
Odyssey Learning Center7150 Santa Juanita Avenue, Orangevale 95662(916) 988-0258K-12
Almondale Academy8616 Greenback Lane, Orangevale 95662(916) 988-8611K-12
St. Benedict8804 Nipawin Way, Orangevale 95662(916) 988-11752-12
Regency Baptist Academy6930 Hazel Avenue, Orangevale 95662(916) 987-8044K-12
Orangevale Seventh-Day Adventist5810 Pecan Avenue, Orangevale 95662(916) 988-4310K-8
Family Christian Academy6521 Hazel Avenue, Orangevale 95662(916) 988-6691K-8
Andrew Carnegie Middle5820 Illinois Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 971-78537-8
Casa Roble Fundamental High9151 Oak Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 971-54529-12
Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary7145 Filbert Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 986-2209K-6
Oakview Community Elementary7229 Beech Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 986-2215K-6
Orangevale Open Elementary6550 Filbert Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 986-2220K-8
Ottomon Way Elementary9460 Ottomon Way, Orangevale 95662(916) 986-2228K-6
Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle8935 Elm Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 971-78917-8
Pershing Elementary9010 Pershing Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 867-2076K-6
Trajan Elementary6601 Trajan Dr, Orangevale 95662(916) 971-5200K-6
Twin Lakes Elementary5515 Main Ave, Orangevale 95662(916) 986-2243K-6

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